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Fees & Offers

Fees & Offers

NHS Fees

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Here are our fees for private dentistry

All treatment required will vary from patient to patient, this can be down to the size/location of the tooth/teeth, type of material used also length of time to complete the treatment. We will always give you an estimate of the cost involved before any work will commence. Please ask your dentist about your different treatment options and any questions you may have regarding this, they will be more than happy to help.

Fees correct as of August 2021.

Treatment Price
Dental Health Assessment From £38.50
Emergency Appointment (excludes any treatment) From £38.50
X-rays From £3.50
Hygienist From £65
White Composite Filling From £89
Glass Ionomer Filling From £49
Root Canal Treatment From £195 to £695
Gold Inlay From £350
Porcelain or Composite Onlay/Inlay From £275
Crown From £450
Bridge From £350
Veneer From £175
Study Model From £35
Dentures From £450
Extraction From £98
Whitening - Take Home Trays From £325
Whitening - Same Day in Practice From £495
Periochip From £29 per chip
Six month smile From £3000
Independent assessments From £25
  • Zoom Whitening
  • Smile Fast
  • Oral Health foundation