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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Did you know that in order to keep your NHS dental registration at our practice you need to attend regularly?

Many of our patients forget to make regular visits to see their dentist. And then, before they realise, it’s been nearly two years!

Due to the high number of people wishing to receive NHS dental treatment and the very long waiting lists, we may no longer be able to offer you any further appointments at Parkway Dentalcare if you have not been seen for 2 years.

Or if you fail to attend two appointments and/or two late cancellations, this can result in your care at Parkway Dentalcare being terminated.

In our practice, we try to remind our patients when they are due for their dental examinations via text message and email. However, we often find that many of our communications get returned as patients do not update their details with us.

What to do to keep your registration?

Always attend any appointment booked, or cancel the appointment more than 48 business hours in advance.

Make sure you book your next dental examination before you leave the practice. Whether it’s three, six, nine or even twelve months in advance, our reception teams will help you make your next appointment, and send you reminders nearer the time as well.

Check and update your contact details

Be sure they are correct, especially your email address and mobile phone, if you have one. If we can keep in touch with you, then we can help you keep on track so you don’t miss your appointment.

If you have not booked an appointment, please contact us to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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