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Repairing damaged or decayed teeth

Dental restorations or dental fillings are used to repair damaged or decayed teeth – for example cavities. The most common material used is amalgam (silver coloured) which comprises mercury and different metals. Amalgam is very hard wearing and therefore suitable for repairs to the back teeth which do all the chewing.

Invisible repairs

Another option is composite material which comprises resin and various other materials including silica. Composite is ideal for repairs to teeth easily visible as they are tooth-coloured. At Parkway we will use a shade of composite that best matches the colour of your tooth to ensure the repair is invisible.

Minimising discomfort

Prior to any treatment carried out, your dentist will recommend a local anaesthetic which will numb the immediate gum area around the tooth to minimise any discomfort.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Your dentist will then fully prepare the tooth which can include removing damaged or decayed areas of the tooth to prevent any further decay and to allow the restoration to fully bond to the remaining tooth.

Attention to detail

Restoration material is then applied to the tooth and after about 10 minutes, once the material has fully set, the repair may undergo further shaping so that it looks, feels and performs perfectly.


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