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Flouride Varnish

Why would my child need fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatment is used to help prevent tooth decay in younger children. It does this by re-mineralising the tooth surface. Fluoride can also help to reduce hypersensitivity.
The varnish should be applied twice a year or if recommended by your dentist four times a year.

What will the treatment involve?

The treatment will consist of either your dentist or one of our therapists applying a varnish to your child’s teeth and is applied with a soft brush.
We have a variety of different fluoride varnish that are flavoured and have fruity smell, so your child will get to choose what type of varnish they want to have.

What if my child doesn’t have fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatment has been proven to help reduce tooth decay. It is another way to help you child’s oral health and will be a benefit to them.

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