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Fissure Sealant

Why would my child need a fissure sealant?

A sealant is one way to protect the teeth from decay. It is a plastic coating applied to the molars and pre molars. This is applied to the biting and chewing surface.
What will the treatment involve?
The treatment is straight forward and painless. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned, a special solution is applied and then hardened usually by shining a blue light onto the surface of the tooth. The sealant can remain on the tooth for a few years but your dental team will want to see your child.

How much is the treatment?

This treatment is covered by the NHS. Adults can have the treatment under the NHS as a Band 2 treatment.

What if my child does not get a fissure sealant?

This treatment should be done when the first permeant teeth are starting to come through, usually from about six years old. It is more beneficial to have the treatment done as soon as the teeth erupt.
The sealant forms a protected barrier to try and reduce the risk of decay forming in the little grooves of the back teeth. This will help improve your child’s oral health.
However, teeth still need to be cleaned on a regular basis the sealant will help children brushing their teeth as they will be a smooth surface to clean.

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