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We do everything reasonably possible to repair damaged or decayed teeth. However, in serious cases we may have to remove the tooth to prevent the spread of infection and/or minimise discomfort or pain.

Minimising Pain or Discomfort

Using a powerful local anaesthetic we will numb the area around the tooth so that you will feel very little pain or discomfort during the extraction. Patients are often pleasantly surprised at how easily we can extract a tooth and how relaxed they feel during the process.

Gentle Dentistry

At Parkway Dentalcare we practice ‘gentle dentistry’ which is about putting patients first, being sensitive to how they are feeling and minimising stress, discomfort and even pain though skill, new technology and technique.

Mike, Kathy or Lloyd will take the time to explain the extraction process with you, what to expect during and immediately after the procedure and how best to help your gum heal in the days and weeks ahead. They will also fully explain the next procedure, if any, such as fitting a bridge, or even implant.

Extractions are available on the NHS (band 2)


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