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Mike, Kathy and Lloyd, our three dentists, and Beverley our Therapist, have all qualified, trained and practiced in the UK and are experienced at advising patients how best to look after their teeth and gums as well as identifying and treating problems quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of discomfort.

Treating issues early

At Parkway we take pride in the quality of care and treatment we offer including thorough examinations which identify issues early enough before they are allowed to affect patients’ oral health and wellbeing.  Identifying issues early enough will minimise discomfort, inconvenience and cost.

A warm welcome

A typical visit to your Parkway dentist will include a warm welcome by Vicky or Kerry who will inform your dentist or therapist that you have arrived. You can now relax in our bright, spacious architect-designed reception until your dental nurse arrives to show you through to your dentist or therapist either in the blue, green, or our new pink or orange surgery.

In the chair

Your dentist, who will have read your records beforehand, will help put you at ease and chat to you about how you are feeling and whether you are having any issues with your oral health and any treatment you may have had recently. The examination lasts about 10 minutes during which time your dentist will chat to you about any further treatment required if necessary.

If you require any further treatment your dentist will print you out a personalised treatment plan and then ask you to book your treatment appointment with reception.

Never miss an appointment

Our clever patient management system will remind you of your next appointment via text a few days beforehand so you don’t have to worry about remembering when it is.

Please remember to update Reception with your personal details in particular telephone number and e-mail address.

Open times
  • Monday: 8am - 5:30pm
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  • Saturday TBC
  • Sunday Closed
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