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We are all familiar with dentures, the removable replacement for missing teeth, but did you know there are four types of denture? Full denture, partial dentures, dentures that fit well and dentures that don’t?

High quality dentures

At Parkway Dentalcare we take that little extra care to provide our patients with dentures that fit, are comfortable and, as much as possible, look, feel and perform like natural teeth.

Why use dentures

Dentures are removable false teeth usually made of acrylic which fit snugly (or should do) over the gums replacing some or all upper and/or lower missing teeth. Dentures can eliminate the problems caused by gaps such as difficulty eating, speaking or singing with well-fitting comfortable dentures, you can also laugh with a little more gusto too!

Types of dentures

Complete or full dentures will replace all your upper and/or lower teeth restoring oral function and dramatically improving your smile by filling out and firming up your face.

Partial dentures replace just one or a few missing teeth and comprise either a plastic or metal plate with false teeth attached to it. Partial dentures can clip onto natural teeth via metal clasps, which hold it securely in place. Partial dentures can be unclipped and removed.

If you require teeth to be removed we can usually fit your denture immediately after so you won’t be without teeth unless your gums need to heal – this is called an immediate denture.


If it’s an immediate denture we will take measurements and impressions (moulds) of your mouth before your teeth are removed. We then give the impressions to our technician who will use them then manufacture high-quality full or partial dentures.

We will then extract any remaining teeth and fit the dentures at your next appointment.

For replacement dentures we’ll take an impression of your teeth, and give them to our technician who’ll manufacture a ‘try-in’ denture with teeth set in wax which we’ll then place in your mouth to check the fit and appearance. Further adjustments may be carried out by our technician to ensure they fit properly.

Dental hygiene

Your dentist or hygienist will talk you through how best to maintain oral hygiene when using dentures as well as how to look after your dentures.

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