350 Patients Join PDC+

350 of our patients have joined our preventative care plan PDC+.

But what is preventative care and how can it improve your oral health?

Why should I invest in preventative dental care?

Preventative care aims to help you keep your teeth for longer by dealing with decay and gum disease. Anyone with some of their own teeth will benefit from preventative dentistry. Even those without their own teeth can benefit, as problems in the mouth can be spotted before they develop.

What does preventative dental care involve?

It is process where you dental team will work together, to remove all the hard and soft plaque from your teeth. At Parkway this is normally done by our hygienists. This is important as removal of plaque can help to slow the progress of gum disease and other problems in the mouth.
You will also be taught the best way to care for your teeth and oral health. Our dental team are trained to show and advise you how to brush and look after your teeth. We do this through active demonstrations, verbal and written advice.
Children can also benefit from preventative health care, by having fluoride applied and if required fissure sealants applied. More information can be found here.

How does Parkway Dentalcare help with preventative dental care?

Here at Parkway we believe in preventative dental care, this is why we have launched PDC+.
This is a pay monthly plan, which gives patients access to 2 or 4 hygiene appointments a year. At these appointments we will teach you how to clean your teeth and remove the plague.
You can sign up to the plan at any time by visiting us in the practice.

What if I need more information about the benefits of preventative dental care?

Here at Parkway we have a whole dental team, who are happy to explain the benefits of preventative dental care.
Parkway Dentalcare is dedicated to helping its patients understand the preventative dental care.  For more information check out the, British Dental Foundation.

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