Parkway Dentalcare & Colgate LeadINg Patient Education

Parkway Dentalcare have just been announced as one of Colgate LeadINg practices, to provide patients dental education.
Why is this new partnership with Colgate important?
This partnership is focused on educating patients, Parkway Dentalcare has been chosen to participate due to our drive to educate our patients about preventative dental care.
Here at Parkway Dentalcare we want to invest in our patient’s oral health, this educational initiative is helping us support and achieve this goal. Patients will benefit from the educational resources given to us by Colgate.
What does the new partnership with Colgate mean?
If you have been into our surgeries recently, you may have notice something different. There are a few Colgate educational tablets in our waiting rooms and surgeries.
These screens are intended to help educate our patients. The videos explain and demonstrate lots of different subject, from a visit to the hygienist to how to floss properly.
The scheme focused on education patients about oral health, preventative care and improving children’s oral health.
How can you be involved in our new partnership with Colgate?
All you have to do is ask the receptionist or one of your dental team. They will then be able to give you one of the educational tablets to look at or explain anything you would like clarified.
The tablets are great for everyone as the short informative videos, give you the information in a visual format.
But don’t just read about it, watch the video below. It is explaining what happens during a hygienist visit.

Enjoy !

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