Hidden Sugars, What is in your drinks?

Sugar is buzz word in the media. Unfortunately, it is in food and drinks and in larger quantities than you might realize,which can lead to tooth decay.

Why is thinking about sugar important?
Refined sugars are in a lot more products than we would think. Most 11-18 year old’s get 40% of their sugars from drinks, even drinks promoted as being healthy like flavored waters can contain high amounts of sugar.
Below are some example of how much sugar is in ‘healthy’ drinks and snacks:

Naked Green Smoothie (450ml) = 13 tsp
Vita Coco Coconut with peach and mango’s (330ml) = 5tsp
Tropicana Orange and mango juice (200ml) = 5tsp.

(Statistics from the DailyMail www.dailymail.co.uk/home)

This infographic shows  the state of sugar consumption in the UK.

Hidden Sugars

Hidden Sugars

(Taken from the BDA website click here for more information)


What can you do to reduce your sugar intake ?

Current Government guideline recommend sugar should be 10 % of your daily calories. That is 14 teaspoons for men and 10 for women.
If you feel you need to cut down on the sugar in your diet, follow our tips:

Top Tips to Reduce Sugar : 
– Don’t drink sugary drinks in between meals, stick to water, green tea or milk.
– Only drink one glass of fruit juice a day (150ml), to limit the possibility of tooth decay.
– Try the back to front challenge read the labels on the back of the box. (High sugar level = 22g per 100g and Low sugar level = 5g per 100g.
– Be careful of ‘healthy foods’, a cereal bar can be packed full with as much sugar as a chocolate bar.
– Avoid sugary snacks in between meals, this means sweets. Instead opt for bread-sticks, nuts or raw vegetables.
– Halve the amount of sugar you cook with or put in your tea, coffee or cereals.

What if I do not reduce my sugar intake?
It can lead to dental decay in the mouth. Tooth enamel can start to be destroyed when the acid levels in the mouth drop below 5.5.
Tooth decay can lead to dental caries and this is the leading cause of hospitalization in 5-9 year old’s.

To have a smile for life it is important to reduce your sugar.

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