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Tips for Teens

Good oral hygiene can be started in your teenage years, good habits can help you have a smile for life.
Below are some of our tips for teenage teeth.

  •  Brush your teeth at least twice a day: once just before bed. But don’t brush more than 3 times a day as this may damage your gums and wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.
  •  Brush for a least two minutes: don’t shorten the time. Set a timer on your phone or brush for a whole song on the radio. Use this brushing technique, hold your brush at a 45 degrees, so the bristles are between the tooth and gum, do little circle movements. Do this for 20 strokes on the top, bottom, inside and outside tooth surfaces.
  • Start to floss: clean in between your teeth with tepee’s or floss.
  • Use a fluoride tooth paste and mouth wash: this will improve your general oral health.
  •  Invest in an electric toothbrush: there are many different types out there for a reasonable price.
  • Cut back on your sugar: if you are drinking fizzy drinks, use a straw and try to cut back on surgery snacks, limit these to meal times.

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