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Dental Care for Children - How to clean your teeth

Tips for Teens

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Guide to Child’s First Parkway Vist

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4 Children

4 Children

Looking after your teeth and gums will prevent disease and infection and avoid pain and sickness.

A clean healthy mouth feels nice, looks good and keeps your breath fresh.

Your teeth need to be cleaned thoroughly every day to prevent germs or bacteria in your mouth causing dental plaque.

Dental plaque consists of acids that attack the teeth and gums and cause problems like tooth decay, toothache, bleeding gums, yellow / stained teeth and bad breath.

Visiting the Dentist- What to expect

We know that visiting the dentist is not your favourite thing to do, it certainly doesn’t beat listening to music, watching your favourite TV program or hanging out with friends. However because it’s essential that you visit us regularly we’ve done everything we can to ensure you get the best treatment in a relaxed environment.
We have created a friendly atmosphere for you, there are colouring pages for you to do and we often have colouring competitions at the practice. If you win then you could get a free toothbrush! The link below has some colouring pages and a tooth brush tracker, you can print out and give us at your next appointment.
Our friendly nurses will take you through to see the dentist and if your appointment goes well they will give you some stickers. Remember the dentist is there to help you have a happy smile !


Colgate Tooth Brush Tracker

Colouring Page for the Dentist

Children Top Tips

Parkway Dental Care - How to clean teeth

Brush at least twice a day. The best time to ...more

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