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Preventative and Private Dental Care

Here at Parkway Dentalcare we want to provide the best care for our patients. This is why we promote preventative dental care, which aims to help patients keep their teeth for longer by addressing tooth decay and gum disease, the main causes of tooth loss.
Remember anybody with some of their own teeth can benefit from preventative care.

What does preventative dental care involve?

Our dental team will remove all the plague and tartar from your teeth. This should be carried out by a hygienist every six months or every four months if recommended by your dentist.
The team will also educate you in how to clean every surface, of every tooth, every day. This education the dental team give you will help you maintain good oral health.

At Parkway Dentalcare, we have designed a plan to help you get the most benefits out of a preventative care plan, click here for more information on PDC+.

Private treatment

Here at Parkway we also provided private treatment , to improve your smile. Private appointments at Parkway are arranged at times convenient to suit you, including early morning and late evening appointments. Our modern surgery and friendly staff will put your needs first. Providing you with good quality dentistry, to fit your specific needs.
If you are interested in private dental work please click the link here.

New Private Patients

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