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Orthocaps Aligners


Having beautiful straight teeth is not a matter of age. Children and adolescents are not the only ones who wear braces; today, more and more adults are also making the decision to straighten their teeth.

The twin aligners used in this treatment consist of a series of discreet clear aligners that are tailored to each patient’s specifications for optimum outcome. The clear plastic aligners are designed to be virtually invisible.

After the placement of the Orthocaps aligners, your teeth will gradually start to adjust to their correct position. The plastic aligners will be replaced every three weeks to maximise the efficiency of the teeth alignment process.

Your Orthocaps aligners are individually custom-made for you. At the beginning of treatment, your dentist will take dental impressions. These will serve as an adjustment model for the first clear aligners. During treatment, Orthocaps Twin Aligners® are made for you step by step.

In traditional tooth alignment, very high force is exerted on each individual tooth in the jaw. This can cause pain, at least in the initial phase. The tooth straightening concept of the Orthocaps Twin Aligner® is based on the effect of gentle force. Less pressure is exerted on the tooth, resulting in pain-free tooth alignment.

As with fixed metallic correction devices, Orthocaps aligners may take time to have their desired effect depending on the position of your teeth. Treatment with Orthocaps lasts 6-24 months. You will know right from the start how long your Orthocaps treatment should take because the first thing your Orthocaps practitioner will do is lay out a precise, customised treatment plan.

At Parkway Dentalcare, the price of treatment with Orthocaps costs from £1999 depending on how many teeth require treatment. Contact Parkway Dentalcare for more information.






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